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100% No Win No Fee

Have you or someone you know been misdiagnosed or received medical advice or treatment that has resulted in an unsatisfactory outcome. 

Get in touch with our experts today to see how we can help you with a claim.

Claims can include failure to refer, medication error, failure to diagnose, incorrect drugs and accidents in surgery including damage to the body and eyes.

Our specialists are here to help you

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How can we help?

Offering unstinting support and outstanding service on a No Win No Fee basis, our specialist solicitors will be assertive and robust in their quest for justice for you or your loved one. Equally, you can be confident that we will be sensitive and compassionate in all our dealings with you.

A patient’s quality of life – and of those who may have to care for them – can be altered beyond all recognition as a result of clinical negligence. Our specialists have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge about medical negligence claims. We also know that physical and psychological stress takes its toll.


The prospect of going to a solicitor’s office might be overwhelming. We know this. So, if you would find it less stressful, we will come to you.

Hospital hallway showing nurse pushing a bed-ridden patient towards surgery. - Universa Law- Solicitors & Claims London Legal District

We are passionate about making sure that our clients get the right and just outcome. If what brings you joy has been snuffed out because of negligence, that is a wrong that should be righted - as best as it can be. We see it. And we will go all out to do that.

Universa Law- Solicitors & Claims London Legal District- Two surgeons exchanging sutre scissors. Both are wearing scrubs and blue surgical gloves.

 I am writing this email to thank you sincerely for all your help .  I know that a lot of people were involved in this case, so I would like to thank everyone  very much for your work and overall, for winning the compensation that will allow me to continue my treatment and provide financial security for my family. I confirm that the funds were transferred to my account . Thank you and I wish you every success in the future.


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