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For almost everyone involved in an inquest, the ultimate goal is for someone impartial to say that what has happened, was wrong.

We have extensive and nationwide experience in Coronial Law, representing clients at pre-inquest review and at inquests themselves. And while the mere prospect of attending court may be daunting, and attendance because of the loss of a loved one extremely painful, you can depend on our resolute support throughout the process.

 Ultimately, as well as justice for our clients, an inquest will also consider whether or not a Prevention of Future Deaths Report should be issued by a coroner to a Hospital Trust. Looking for systemic failures, while it is tragically too late for our client by the time we reach this point, they do become a key part of ensuring that such a tragedy does not easily occur again. For those who have lost loved ones, knowing that their friend or family member’s death was not in vain can bring some much-needed comfort.

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When should a death in hospital be reported to the coroner?

A death in hospital should be reported to the Coroner if:

  • There is a question of negligence or misadventure about the treatment of the person who died

  • The patient died before a provisional diagnosis was made and the general practitioner is not willing to certify the cause

  • The patient died as a result of the administration of an anaesthetic

The Coroner will seek to confirm the identity of the person who has died and establish where they died, when they died and, most importantly, how they died.

Examples of inquests we have investigated include:

  Baby Death

Missed Subdural Haematoma

Anaesthetic Error

Retained Object After Surgery

Pharmaceutical Error

This was the first occasion that my wife and I had litigated against anyone, but we were incensed at the condition of a pavement which caused my wife to fall / have a serious accident. Rossano Nocera guided & helped us throughout the long and arduous process, and delivered on his promises. We can recommend Rossano highly. 


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