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Universa Law- Call headset representing customer service.


We may not know specifically what you are experiencing, but in some cases we have walked in your shoes. So we get it; it’s personal.

Universa Law Ltd is a firm of Specialist Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Solicitors based in the heart of London's Legal District.

A Specialist Solicitors, we pride ourselves on taking a straightforward and jargon-free approach. We understand that the prospect of legal costs can be alarming, so we offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ service wherever possible.



Every client is contacted by telephone within 24 hours upon receipt of initial instructions.


If no contact can be made then a letter will be sent within 24 hours acknowledging the potential claim and requesting contact.



All outgoing correspondence will include the case handler's direct dial number. A voicemail facility is provided.

Each telephone call will be picked up within three rings and be answered in a courteous and professional manner.



All correspondence will be replied to within 5 working days of receipt.

Where correspondence is sent by email, an acknowledgement of the email will be sent within 24 hours and a full response sent within 5 days.

We will always strive to use plain and jargon-free English

Universa Law- Two suited men mid-handshake.

The client is the heartbeat of every law firm. At Universa we embrace this. We understand that when we accept a case, we go on a journey with a client. They have already been through the trauma that brought them to us, and then they have to face a legal process. So we will make sure that we are there for them; at the beginning, the middle and the end of that journey.

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